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Onslaught 05/10/16

My re-stock order for onslaught which has been in customs since mid august for reasons unexplained has been shipped back to the states. As you can imagine i’m not happy about this at all but what can you do. Anyway this means that Don will have to re-ship to me once the parcel is received his end which obviously means a major delay in getting my re-stock. Some items are already sold out and others are in low numbers we are trying to speed up shipments but again it’s usually customs which cause major delays.

I have no idea what the issue with this shipment was and why they returned it to sender as no explanation was forth coming. So sorry people it will be sometime before stock levels on onslaught’s range return to normal. Patience please as we try to rectify the situation.


Pre-orders 25/09/16

Quick update lots of new pre-order models added to the pre-order section.

Also i’ve had my restock of flying bases in so if you’ve been waiting to get those aircraft until the bases were back in stock well now’s the time.


Update 20/09/16

Many of you took advantage of the birthday discount code on sunday I thank you all for the influx of orders which i’ve just finished packing this evening. Keep a look out for more such events in the future.

What else is going on well lets see, several new onslaught releases are in but i’m still waiting on that re-stock from customs i’ve had to fill out a form and return it to them so when i’ll finally get the shipment I can’t say.

Gregster’s lab are currently casting up new items for me but the going is slow due to other commitments similarly Battlescene’s designs have a full re-stock order in they are working through as time allows.

Looking at bringing in a few more codes from Microworld games and another product range is under negotiation from a new supplier.

As for my own range there are several new models soon to appear in the pre-order section plus a couple of imminent releases. There is a large amount of new prints slowly being sent out to casters for production and I have more in the print queue to follow.



Vanguard miniatures is one years old today to celebrate i’m doing a one use per customer 10% basket discount for today only.  Minor problem should be working now I had the wrong setting selected apologies.

Please enter voucher code: Happy birthday 1 to receive the discount.

I must say many thanks to all my customers for your orders and encouragement over this first year you have all contributed to making vanguard mini’s a great success and I hope to continue on for many years to come.

Regards John

So what’s happening, 31/08/16

Well lets see lots really but most importantly the new wave 2 models are all now in stock for release very soon, i’ve still got a few issues to sort out before they appear in store but it won’t be long. Many new prints under production and there will be new pre-order models appearing in the near future.

Onslaught, a re-stock is currently residing in customs it’s been there since the 14th of this month and should have been cleared by now I have no idea on the reason for the delay and i’m trying to get hold of someone about it. The new sisters pods are on the way too but unfortunately not the new shadow destroyer which has had some casting issues so is on delayed release.

Battlescene designs, a full re-stock is currently under production Paul hopes to start shipping items very soon.

Gregster’s lab has a few new products coming soon too not sure yet on shipment but it should be imminent.

So plenty going on at the moment and I have my eye on several new items that may well be added to the inventory more on this if it happens.

Regards John