Pre-order section

Welcome to the pre-orders page here you will find new models currently at various stages of production either being 3D printed or at the casters awaiting moulding.

All models up for pre-order will see production and will be shipped to customers at the earliest opportunity upon arrival of the actual castings. Over all from pre-order’s stage to castings on the shelves should be around two months maybe a little more. This is due to the multiple stages required to get the actual models which apart from the 3D design stage also includes being in a average of a four weeks queue for printing and another four to six weeks queue for moulding and casting plus travelling time of the items. So two months is probably going to be the shortest time between pre-orders and shipments to customers.

Two other things here are,

1. All pre-orders are required to be submitted as separate orders from regular in stock items orders for paperwork and shipping charges reasons. ++++Please don’t pre-order anything in with a regular order thank you++++

2. The prices quoted for pre-orders will be subject to change once the models go on general sale. All prices shown are a best guess based on current similar models in the range as until I get them moulded I have no solid costs per mould spin to base my figures on. So the price of these models may well go up upon release it will depend on production castings charges.

Currently all the new models are for the novan range this is due to the need to fill certain gaps in the range but all armies will be getting new additions as time goes on and I hope to introduce new starship models too.

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