• Army Builder Section

    Army Builder Section

    For those looking to buy bigger pack sizes for vanguard miniatures and also army sets to get you started with a viable battlegroup for a new army. This section will be expanded over time.
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  • Defeat in Detail

    Defeat in Detail

    Amongst the stars, humanity is fractured. The colonies of Tusculum Nova retain as much as possible of the culture and history of old Earth, but are beseiged from all directions by posthuman threats. The brutal Skinnerz are one such race; mutated by cosmic radiation into violent monsters, their raiding parties are always after fresh meat. The gracile Eloi use genetic technology to evolve their bodies past what could be considered human, but at a cost to their souls; they can no longer stand the existance of the non-evolved. The cold Cybershadows seek to purge their bodies of emotion and the biological, by replacing limbs and even minds with robotic constructs, seeking perfection beyond the flesh. Defeat in Detail is a 6mm Scale Sci-Fi wargame currently being developed by Troublemaker Games.
  • Defeat in Detail 15mm

    Defeat in Detail 15mm

    This range now under development by both Troublemaker Games and Vanguard Miniatures will see a steady expansion over the coming months. These are designed for skirmish level gaming in the DiD gaming universe.
  • Defeat in Detail 28mm

    Defeat in Detail 28mm

    Another new range brought to you by Troublemaker Games in the form of 28mm scale models for skirmish style games.
  • Fantasy Miniatures 10mm

    Fantasy Miniatures 10mm

    Fantasy Miniatures
  • Gothic starships

    Gothic starships

    A small range of spaceship models for games like Battlefleet Gothic.
  • Gregster's Lab

    Gregster's Lab

    A growing range of resin cast vehicles and terrain features in 6mm scale.
  • Microworld Games

    Microworld Games

    Microworld Games do several 6mm product lines including fantasy and science fiction armies.
  • Onslaught Miniatures

    Onslaught Miniatures

  • Onslaught Miniatures 15mm

    Onslaught Miniatures 15mm

  • Pyrkol gaming markers

    Pyrkol gaming markers

    A range of laser cut markers for various game systems.
  • Sale Corner

    Sale Corner

    Overstock items, damaged models and second hand miniatures on offer. Subject to availability.
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