Novan Churchillian Tank Squadron


Novan Churchillians x 3

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Tusculum Novan main battle tanks are heavily armoured and powerfully equipped, but their under-sized engine means that their lack of speed can become an achillies heel when faced with a more mobile enemy.

The Praetorians of Tusculum Nova field their battle tanks in two main configurations: The general purpose Churchillian, and the tank-hunting Black Prince.

As well as various secondary weapons, the Churchillian is equipped with a rifled 120mm cannon in its main turret, which can be used with equal utility against infantry or armoured targets, whilst the Black Prince exchanges its turret cannon for a more specialised anti-tank proton cannon, which fires an extremely powerful armour-penetrating energy blast.

This set contains 3 metal Tank hulls, 3 Churchillian turrets and 3 Black Prince turrets.


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