Novan Elites – Bulwark Assault Craft


Novan Bulwark x 1

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The armies of Tusculum Nova employ a variety of trans-athmospheric dropships when conducting attacks on hostile territory. Each craft is specialised towards a particular style of deployment, from bulk movement of troops, logistics support, or in the case of the Bulwark Assault Craft, a direct attack on a defended position.

Based on the hull and wingform of the Lancastrian Medium Bomber, the heavy armaments and armoured hulls of the Bulwark allow it to act as a fortified strongpoint once deployed on the ground, laying down covering fire for its deadly cargo, or a protective umbrella of anti-aircraft cannon fire.

Bulwark Class Assault Craft are large “super-heavy” class metal models, with a 10cm wingspan and a length of 8cm.

Set contains 1x Bulwark Class Assault Craft


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