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A day later than anticipated but ordering is enabled again, many thanks for your patience.

Regards John


Due to a backlog of orders building up I have chosen to disable ordering on the site again for a day or two. I do so loathe to do this but needs must, I will enable ordering again either tomorrow or Wednesday and I will have the new Novan Elites special weapons set available at that time.


Currently the stock of all three plastic bases we do are either extremely low in stock or sold out, re-stock orders of all three have been submitted and we should start seeing these arrive over the next 3 to 4 weeks or so.


Well it appears that all is well with the website so I have enabled ordering once again.

Thank you all for your patience, regards John


I will be enabling ordering again around UK lunch time today, due to there being some glitches with the server move I want to make sure things have settled down before switching ordering back on again.

Please let me know if you are experiencing any issues cheers John


The move to the new server is complete and the website is live once more.

Ordering will be enabled again later today if possible or tomorrow morning if not. With the website being down due to the server move I require a little more time to update new release entries and update stock levels, also I still have to complete outstanding orders from last week.

I am continuing to replenish stock as items come in, this means that for the short to mid term at least the stock situation will remain fluid, but I am doing my best to keep as many items as possible in stock and have submitted large re-stock orders with my UK suppliers.