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News 06/09/17

Quick update, a new batch of BGH resin ships have just been added to the store i’m still a bit limited on the cruisers but there are more still to come. 15mm defeat in detail now fully back in stock also, and another top up batch of resin building kits is due to ship anyday now from wasteland games studio.

I hope to order the newest onslaught releases soon but realistically they would not be expected to arrive until december now as it takes several months from order to receipt so you’ll need to be patient or order direct if you need them earlier.

Also I hope to release this month a brand new defeat in detail range in 3mm scale yes 3mm, this range came about from a personal project of mine for playing truly epic battles between the rival houses of the Novan hegemony.

Oh and vanguard miniatures is two years old this month so many thanks to all my loyal customers old and new for your support over these last 24 months you have made vanguard miniatures a great success and I can’t thank you all enough.

Regards John

Delayed shipping

FYI, I will not be able to ship parcels during the coming week starting on 31/07/17 as my local post office is being refurbished and I will not have time to go to another after work. This means all orders received after this friday the 28/07/17 will not be shipped until the following friday the 04/08/17.

So if your are planning to order soon please keep this down time in mind when making your orders cheers.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it’s out of my hands.

Regards John

Onslaught minis 02/07/17

Quick update  good news and bad, the good news is that my long awaited restock of onslaught minis is on the way, and also all infantry packs and a few other items have gone down in price. The bad news, all vehicle and larger items prices have risen, but over all these changes sort of balance out so there’s that.

Other news, the Battlegroup Helios resin starship range has been purchased from the former owners and will now be one of my in house ranges. These ships will be released very soon keep an eye on my facebook page for news on these.


News 15/06/17

Quick update for you all, Onslaught re-stock shipping to me very soon Don is still waiting on a few items from the casters to complete the order but that shouldn’t be to long now. It’s a long wait getting stock from the USA that’s for sure. Other news is the imminent arrival of wave 2 of the 15mm range with four new codes being added to the range more info on these as they arrive will be posted on my Facebook page.

Still waiting on a re-stock order from Wasteland Games Studio for their resin buildings hope to hear good news on these soon.


News 12/05/17

Been a while since I posted here so what’s happening well lets see. Re-stock of Onslaught minis ordered including the new releases in both 6 and 15mm scale ETA i’m not able to say at present. Ordered a top up of Wasteland game studios resin buildings. Also coming are top up orders for Troublemakers 15mm range and we should see new additions in the next month or so too for this range.

The new 6mm winter troops have had casting issues that should be rectified very soon I hope to have them back in stock by end of month. We have a few new 6mm tanks and infantry sets imminent keep an eye on my facebook page for the lastest on those and finally the first new starship design the elites Panthera class heavy frigate has been released today. Next in line will be an elites destroyer to go alongside this ship. The ordinance models have been delayed due to other priorities but will be out sometime this year.

Cheers and many thanks for your continued support.