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My Onslaught re-stock is complete and the inventory has been updated accordingly all items now back in stock.

Next up should be a re-stock of Battlescene Designs and Microworld’s wastelanders and beastmen.

Defeat in Detail

Full inventory update on my DiD range complete all items now back in stock.


Small update

It’s been a busy week and I continue to progress packing the new DiD stock. I expect to be updating the inventory next week now as I still have a few things to sort out. You may have noticed a few items missing from the site don’t panic these are just having minor pack contents adjustments so have been removed from public view.

On other news, my two remaining boxes of onslaught re-stock are currently in customs and my first Microworld order has been shipped so should be here the end of the month. Also of note some of my new model designs are next in the printing queue so should be with me soon.

Defeat in Detail

My latest stock order for the DiD range arrived today. I will be checking through all three boxes and starting to bag everything up during the remainder of the week into next week. Expect inventory updates this weekend or during the following week or two dependant on available time I have to dedicate to the job. Everything will be back in stock once all items have been packaged.


Gregster’s Lab

Released Gregster’s Lab resin vehicle range check them out their terrain features will follow at a later date.