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Update bases and wave 1 31/07/16

Still waiting for the flying bases to come in.

The wave 1 new models are here and will be released over this coming week.

It’s been a long road getting these first new models ready for the store but we are almost there.

Flying stands

Just to let you guys know if you are planning on purchasing any aircraft that i’m completely out of flying stands this is due to my regular supplier continually being out of stock of this item. I’ve sourced another supplier but it will take time to get re-stocked. So if you want flight stands for your planes then you are best of waiting until I get re-supplied before ordering. The other option is for you to make an order and i’ll hold it back until the stands arrive.

Wave 1

The wave 1 new models moulds are being made over the next two weeks so hopefully I may receive actual castings by the end of the month.

Much thanks to all those who have already pre-ordered.



The problem with only being able to pre-order one specific model in any one order has been resolved.

Many thanks to you guys who have already submitted pre-orders.


I’ve had several pre-orders submitted already thanks guys.

The store is only allowing you to purchase one type of model at a time for pre-orders which means you need to make multiple orders if you want several different models which is not good so i’m trying to get this issue sorted so please bear with me.

Update, this issue has now ben resolved.

One other thing with pre-orders is that i’d be greatful if when ordering you kept items with different release dates on separate orders as obviously they will be shipped at different times, cheers.