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The pre-orders page is now active with the first two waves of new models released. The jackal, warrior, artillery pieces and scorpions are currently at the casters awaiting production with the rest in the 3D printing queue.

If you wish to pre-order any of these models please read all the published information first before submitting your order.


Site issues

Due to an update of the website made last night there have been issues with pages not loading and the basket too my IT guy has taken a look and resolved the faults so everything should be working ok again now. There may be the odd time that the site is in maintenance mode as we iron out any kinks but that should be it.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused regards John

Microworld Games

Microworld Games pages are now live check them out.


Finally they are here microworld’s wastelanders and beastkin have arrived. Expect to see these appear in store over the weekend.

Microworld Games

For those of you waiting on the wastelanders range to appear I must apologies as there has been a problem at customs which will cause a minor (I hope) delay. Rest assured that they will be available at the earliest opportunity.