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Gregster’s Lab

Released Gregster’s Lab resin vehicle range check them out their terrain features will follow at a later date.

DiD and Gregster’s Lab

Been informed today that my DiD re-stock should be dispatched next week sometime so hopefully that will put everything back in stock again by the end of the month. Also the Gregster’s Lab first wave resin vehicles order is already on it’s way and should be here next week too.

More Onslaught

Had a part of my big onslaught top up order today so the inventory has been updated accordingly. Dispatch of both my Microworld and Gregster’s lab orders are due this week so expect to see these ranges nearer the end of the month.

New ranges

Coming soon will be the start of two new ranges.

From Microworld Games comes the Wastelander’s range of vehicles and infantry for games such as car wars.

Also from Gregster’s Lab I will be stocking their resin vehicle kits with a second wave consisting of their terrain features to follow. Keep an eye on the ETA box for updates.

Second Hand Stuff

Just put several items in the second hand section.