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More Battlescene

Just released more Battlescene Designs MDF buildings there is one more shipment to come expected in next week sometime.


I have received a trade list for Microworld’s Wasteland range which i’m keen to import would you guys be interested in this range in my store?

If interest is high I will look at bringing in other ranges from Microworld too over time. As is usually the case it is dependant on available funds as to how much of the individual ranges I can afford to stock.



Had a few more of my Battlescene Designs order arrive today so expect a few new releases during the week appearing in that section.

Battlegroup Helios, i’ve had several requests from customers to stock this range so I contacted them about doing so. Unfortunately they have had to decline my request the reason being the low profit margin on these models which does not support a trade package so sorry guys it’s a no can do at this time. Pity really they are fabulous models.


Current state of play

Just an update on the stock situation. There are a few items across the store that are out of or low in stock all these items will be back in the inventory over the next month or so.

At the moment I have the following orders in:

More Battlescene terrain.

All new Onslaught releases being shipped to me next week.

A massive general re-stock of Onslaught is being processed.

And I have a top up order in for my 6mm range and the starships.

So plenty of stock will be headed my way and I have a few more ranges under negotiation too for possible inclusion in store.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Battlescene Designs Terrain

A few more items from Battlescene have arrived today and are now in store, I have a few more items that still need pictures doing these will be released once images are done for the site. More items are in transit as we speak.