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More orders have been shipped today.

But even better news is the arrival of two more boxes full of DiD models including all the funder 4 new designs. I will be sorting and re-bagging these during the evening’s and hope to be posting the majority of back orders on friday or saturday with the exception of those requiring plastic stands which are not here yet. A full updated inventory will be on the cards too so that you can all see how many of each item I will have in stock.

DiD news update

So after sorting through the DiD packages I have around two thirds of my order now in stock. UPS tried to deliver another parcel today so i’m guessing the rest of the order will be here shortly. I’ve started picking the back orders and once the new arrivals are sorted I should be able to send out a lot of the outstanding orders. Main delay now is waiting on the plastic bases and flight stands to put in with the orders. If anyone really wants their stuff quicker I can send orders without the plastic bases which could follow at a later date if still needed.

DiD is here

At last the bulk of my defeat in detail range has arrived, i’d say about two thirds at this time as i’m still sorting through it. Everything needs to be bagged up which will take most of the weekend I should think. Once i’ve sorted all that out I will start picking orders for dispatch during the coming week. Don’t know when to expect the rest of the order so I can’t pick everyone’s orders just yet as there’s bound to be a few items that haven’t arrived yet that are needed but you will receive notification once your order is shipped.

So onward with the sorting, bagging and packing it going to be a busy weekend.

Cheers John


More onslaught orders have been shipped this week and I have more going out tomorrow. Don has shipped the remains of my initial order which includes the sisters tanks and all remaining new releases, they should be here by the end of the month. TMG, i’m still waiting on a progress report from the casters but it should be not long now I hope.

Update on orders

All existing Onslaught Miniatures only orders have now been shipped, also I have another large order submitted with onslaught so those items low in or out of stock will be back on the shelves ASAP. I continue to wait for notification of shipment of my Troublemaker Games order but it should be soon with luck.

Thanks again for your continued patience, John