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Today I shipped 25 + orders including all the DiD backordered items bar one so if you have had novan affray, winter cavalry and or royal marines you have been waiting on they should be on the way to you now. Thanks for your continued patience on awaiting the re-stock it has been appreciated.

Next up should be the Onslaught backorders once the stock arrives. Also I will be putting in an order for all the new releases this weekend so they should be in a few weeks after the US release date.

DiD re-stock

I’ve had a partial re-stock of the DiD range in and have been sorting through it the last several evenings. Tomorrow I will be sending out many of the backordered items from this range as well as a large batch of regular orders too. Once all these have been fufilled I will put the rest back in the inventory which should be happening over the weekend.

I expect more DiD stuff very soon and the Onslaught parcel could be here this coming week with luck, oh and the Battlescene terrain and more acrylic bases may also make an appearance too.


Some of you may have noticed that the backorder feature is no longer available so I thought i’d explain why. Basically it’s cost to the business, due to the time it takes to receive re-stock orders not just from the USA but the UK as well i’m ending up with rather a lot of backordered items with many orders that are coming in having at least one backordered item on them. In order to not delay shipment of these orders i’ve been sending them out and then sending the out of stock item at a later date. Obviously these follow on shipments are at my expense and i’m afraid with so many orders being handled this way shipping is costing me double, what with the extra packaging and postage costs not to mention the extra time too. So i’ve had to remove the backorder feature for the time being to save money and time. I hope this change will not effect anyone unduly and apologies if it does but I can’t sustain doubling up on postage it dosen’t make good business sense.

All backorders currently placed will be fufilled once my shipments turn up but after that only in stock items will be available to purchase. The DiD re-stock will put most items back in store with only a few models needing to be ordered and the Onslaught shipment is a little delayed but should be here by early next month.


On the way

My next shipment from Onslaught is on the way and I expect a top up order from TMG any day now. Battlescene Designs will begin manufacture of another batch of strip bases sometime this week and he should be shipping a stock of buildings within days.


I have acquired another small batch of round plastic bases and should be getting a lot more in the near future. On the subject of bases the acrylic strip bases have been a best seller with over 50 packs sold in a small timeframe and i’m looking to have more manufactured as soon as possible. One problem with these is the cost of the acrylic sheet itself which is rather expensive which means that when the next batch comes in the price will unfortunately have to go up a little. This is the only option if I want to keep these bases as a viable product for the business.