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Added a gallery to the site which will have continual updates as I receive images. I’m looking for images of fully painted and finished models from my stocked ranges to display for everyone to see the potential of these models and be inspired by your efforts so please let me know if you’d like to contribute and i’ll get it sorted.

I look forward to seeing your pictures, cheers.

Stock situation

Just a quick update on stock shipments, I expect notification of dispatch of a new Onslaught order at the end of this week and a top up TMG order is imminent. Also expected very soon is the first batch of Battlescene MDF and resin terrain features so keep an eye out for those. And a new plastic bases shipment is on the way.

Happy new year everyone.

War Stalkers

The Cybershadows War Stalkers sets have now been re-packaged into two new sets. The first set contains two regular war stalkers with both stalker and gallant weapon options in each set. The second set contains the command stalker body with the power blade and special weapons upgrade sprue originally included in the old original large set.

The main reason for these changes was a general need by customers to be able to buy fewer models in a set.

Also most orders that came in over the holiday period have now been shipped.


Thanks to all

All orders to date have been processed and dispatched. I will soon be taking a break for the holidays but the site will still be able to take orders which I will attend to as soon as I return. The email account will still be monitored so if you have any questions I will try to answer them in a timely fashion.

During January I should have a re-stock of Onslaught and Troublemaker minis arriving and i will be putting the Battlescene Designs MDF buildings up on the site. We also hope to have more base designs coming out shortly too so look out for those and the round plastic bases should be back in stock within a few weeks time.

I’d just like to wish all my customers and their families a very happy christmas holiday and a prosperous new year, your support has been wonderful and I can’t thank you all enough.

Once again thank you everyone regards, John

Orders posted

All orders to date now posted with only back ordered items to follow once back in stock.

Thanks everyone for your custom.