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Onslaught re-stock

First box from onslaught has arrived, mostly OTC rigs and tanks and Sisters armour all rather frustrating as everything I need to fufill back orders is obviously in the other box which is still at the post office as i’m waiting for an import duty notice to arrive for it. Hopefully I will get this one by the weekend but can’t say for sure.

Another top up order for the DiD range has also been submitted.

There will also be a batch of acrylic laser cut strip bases appearing in store shortly. This is a limited availability item due to the cost of the materials so I can’t guarantee a continues supply of these at this time. If you want them best grab them once they are in.



New batch of Onslaught miniatures due in this week so I will be updating stock numbers as the week progresses and should also be able to fufill all the back orders by the end of the week provided both parcels arrive in good time.

Re-sized DiD packs

Due to many requests from customers I have now altered the pack contents for most of the DiD range. They now contain fewer models at a much reduced price. For those who preferred the original pack sizes don’t worry many of these will re-appear in a new army builder section to be added to the store soon.


Backlog cleared

20 plus parcels and half a dozen packets shipped today this has cleared all outstanding orders and the plastic stands owed.

I have a few new orders to process and there are also some onslaught packs to follow on once they are back in stock. It’s been a really busy week getting this lot sorted but finally I have caught up.


Smaller packs

Due to demand from many customers I have started to reduce the number of models in the DiD packs to better reflect what most people use them for and to reduce costs to customers who do not require large numbers of figures.

Most packs have around half the numbers previously held at half the original price. Hope this helps those looking for a smaller initial outlay when starting a new force and will also help those just needing a few extra units for existing armies.

So i’ve done the aircraft packs with most having two planes in them now and the novan elite range has been done too. I will be doing more like this as the week progresses.

On other news i’ve received my imprort duty demand from customs for the remaining first batch onslaught order so I hope to have these by the end of the week. Items include the sisters tanks and additional hellborn releases. Also Don informs me that he has received and is processing my next big batch of onslaught goodies so with luck these may reach me before the holidays.