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I’ve started opening up troublemaker’s range for pre-orders and will continue to do so during the week, so far the Eloi and Cybershadows have been released with the rest to follow.

On other news all existing onslaught orders should be shipped tomorrow.

All done

Spent the afternoon packing all onslaught pre-orders and will be shipping them out this week ASAP.

Good news

I’ve payed the import duty on the Onslaught shipment and have collected some very heavy boxes. As stated earlier I will be sorting through this lot tomorrow and starting to box up the pre-orders to send out during the week.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

Onslaught latest

I have received my import duty letter and will try and get to the delivery office today to pay up and get the parcels home. Should be able to spend tomorrow sorting and starting to pack those pre-orders for dispatch early next week.

Thanks for your patients.


My onslaught packages have been processed through customs and are at the sorting office awaiting delivery. It will most likely be Tuesday before they arrive here, I will be packaging up all pre-orders for dispatch nearer the end of the week.