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Update on orders

All existing Onslaught Miniatures only orders have now been shipped, also I have another large order submitted with onslaught so those items low in or out of stock will be back on the shelves ASAP. I continue to wait for notification of shipment of my Troublemaker Games order but it should be soon with luck.

Thanks again for your continued patience, John

Shipping rates

Please note that after some number crunching from the first batch of shipments that I am in the process of reducing shipping rates to better reflect actual costs. Always check the shipping section before making an order to see the current rates charged.

The new rates can be seen in the postage and shipping section at the bottom of the page and will be in effect as soon as I can update the site.

Sisters tanks

I’ve received word that my remaining Onslaught items are being shipped so all sisterhood tanks can now be pre-ordered. Other onslaught out of stock items will be released over the weekend and I have another re-stock order in which I hope to receive before christmas.


All orders except those submitted today have been shipped thanks guys.

And I am slowly opening up the DiD range for pre-orders.



I’ve started opening up troublemaker’s range for pre-orders and will continue to do so during the week, so far the Eloi and Cybershadows have been released with the rest to follow.

On other news all existing onslaught orders should be shipped tomorrow.