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Release dates

Please note I have revised release dates for all onslaught models. This date is not set in stone and could change again. Hopefully my next post will have better news.



At this time the 15th of october there has been no notification of my packages arriving from the states so this means that the 19th of October will not be achievable for release of this range and I now expect to have actual miniatures on the shelves in late october early November unless customs are speedier than normal.

Sorry to disappoint you all but it’s out of my hands i’m afraid. Many thanks to those of you who have already pre-ordered I will get your models to you as soon as possible.


New range

Coming soon Troublemaker Games excellent 6mm Defeat in Detail range of models. I can’t give an exact date yet but it will be late October or early November with luck. I will put up another news post once i have a clearer idea when i expect stock to arrive.

Vanguard Miniatures launches…

The first ranges available through Vanguard Miniatures are the superb 6mm ranges from Onslaught Miniatures