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Another update

Thought I’d post an update for everyone.

Defeat in detail, more 6mm Cybershadows and Skinners miniatures in the pipeline plus a few odds and ends for various other ranges. Also on the cards a revamp of the desert sets to bring them more in line with newer set contents from other regiments. There will also be more 3mm items appearing later in the year.

6mm Skinners infantry needed a new mould so I’ve taken the opportunity to break the sprue up into single sided sprues which produce better casting results. This has meant a minor delay whilst I get the masters sorted. Should be back in stock next month.

Oh I also have a few 6mm resin cast terrain items in the works too.

Onslaught Minis, recently had a third restock batch in with yet more items outstanding, an order for newer releases will be submitted as soon as funding allows.

Gregster’s Lab, I have been informed that due to various reasons I will not elaborate on here that any restock from GL will also be later in the year.

Wasteland Games Studio, due to a failure to supply, I submitted an order over twelve months ago now and I’m still waiting, that what I have in stock now is likely to be it, and its not looking likely I will be getting anymore.

Onslaught Top Up

Two thirds of my Onslaught Miniatures re-stock order arrived today, many codes are now back in store and I hope to see the final batch arriving by month’s end.

Situation report

Time for an update, first of two of the three boxes from my Onslaught restock order have been dispatched with the third almost ready to ship as well, so not long now before I can start replenishing the shelves.

Batch four of the strip bases sold out yesterday but good news is I have had batch five in already and they will be back up on the site as soon as I can get them bagged up.

There are a lot of new Defeat in Detail sets under development at this time including more Cybershadow infantry, new Skinners Ironclads and tank turrets, more regulars troops and some progress has been made on adding to the Eloi range. Also we have lots more 3mm sets to come and more terrain items too. For my space combat customers there are more metal ships coming over the next few months and development of a Helian faction battleship continues.

Troublemaker games plastic terrain tiles sets will also soon be back in stock with the first sets expected by month’s end. Look out for an expansion campaign to add to these launching in a few weeks.

Hope to be bringing a lot more terrain pieces to the store over the coming months but a lot will depend on if the manufacturers can supply.

Onslaught re-stock

I have received news that my Onslaught Miniatures re-stock order is now being readied for shipment so it should only be a matter of weeks now before it arrives. It takes on average 3 to 4 month’s from ordering to shipping of that order which is a long wait I know but that’s the nature of the game I’m afraid.

On other news the Helian fleet escort frigate is now back in stock and we have a few more new releases on the cards for this month to look forward too. The TMG plastic building sets should be back on the shelves any day now as well.

Plastic strip bases

It has taken much effort but at long last I am pleased to announce the return of the plastic strip bases to stock, I have 100 packs in stock now with more to come.