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3mm sets released this evening

Two new 3mm sets released this evening, Archer self-propelled artillery company and winter support troops join the ranks of Tusculum Nova’s armies.

Back in stock today.

Back in stock today are, 6mm Novan regulars winter troops, 6mm Elites Mauler assault tank and Troublemaker Games Gothic buildings set.

News update 19/11/18

Just a quick heads up on the stock situation, as can be seen I have received my re-stock shipment from Onslaught miniatures alongside several new releases, a few more still to come. More Helios cruisers are on order as are the plastic building sets from Troublemaker games. Still waiting on news of my Wasteland games re-stock order, it looks like I will need to chase that up its been almost 6 month’s since I submitted the order. Also there is a potential re-stock from Battlescene designs on the cards so fingers crossed if you are after any of those items.

I have a re-stock of 6mm Defeat in Detail miniatures under production alongside several new designs I hope to get in store before the Christmas break. Also coming very soon now are more 3mm releases for the Novan Regulars and we have 3mm Skinners moulds underway.

Hope to see Gregster’s Labs funding campaign buildings in store during the first quarter of the new year, with perhaps a few more of their current catalogue items also being stocked.

That’s it for now but I will be updating the news thread here more often now so watch this space, regards John

Minor Categories update

In order to tidy up the category listing on the front page I have move several existing old categories in to others as sub categories, so now you will for example find all Onslaught Miniatures and Troublemaker Games products under their own respective categories with the various product lines in sub categories.

This has reduced the core categories listing needed and it makes greater sense to have all a single companies products in their own sections.

Another update 15/08/18

Receiving a lot of mail asking after various products so I thought i’d roll out a quick state of play update.

Currently on order and or awaiting delivery, Onslaught minis latest releases plus a general re-stock but with the sheer size of Onslaughts range now I have had to priorities which items to re-stock first, another order for those items I could not afford this time round should be submitted next month.

Wasteland Games re-stock is currently casting, no idea on an ETA on this order as of yet. The re-stock of the 3mm resin buildings from Gregster’s Lab are also in production as well as the 6mm shanties, an initial small re-stock should be with me soon with the rest to follow once the resin supplier delivers.

Troublemaker Games plastic terrain sets are also on re-order and expected very soon.

I have several new 3mm and 6mm items coming out over the coming weeks myself plus a continuous flow of re-stock items are coming in most weeks.

Kind regards John