Here at Vanguard I am taking a short break over the bank holiday weekend to attend to other matters, to that end ordering has once again been disabled for a few days. We should be back to normal on Tuesday the 4th. Have a great break everyone regards John

2 thoughts on “BANK HOLIDAY

  1. shanefalklands says:

    Have a great bank holiday weekend. Yesterday I received my big order of skinners and I am blown away by how good they are. I’m definitely going to be ordering some more, lots of Skinner infantry to come!

  2. Helfried Doth says:

    Happy birthday to me. On July 7th will celebrate my “BIG” birthday and this year I wanted to treat myself to some nice miniatures. I stumbled upon this very interesting looking site I had never heard of. I took a leap of faith and put a big order in. I now hope for two things to happen. (1)That I will receive my present on my birthday and (2)that they are just as nice as I believe them to be. As soon as I get them I will let you all know. Happy birthday to me. Happy happy birthday to me.

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