From the 1st of January 2021 there will be changes to the ordering system for our European customers.

  1. EU customers will no longer pay UK VAT (20%) on their orders meaning a 20% price reduction comes into effect on all products.
  2. EU customers will now have to pay their own countries VAT fee on their orders once the package arrives in their country. This will be the same VAT charge as you would pay if you ordered from the USA or Australia for example.
  3. There may also be a handling fee charged on top of this but this is not always the case and varies by country.
  4. From experience not all parcels are caught by customs and so customers may find their orders arriving without any charges at all, this is obviously subject to many factors.
  5. All of this could change again in July when the EU introduces its planned VAT OSS system, more on this as thing become clear.
  6. Shipping fees, we will be reviewing shipping fees as it becomes clear what if any increases are put in place by the various postal services.

I hope this information goes someway towards clearing things up for my valued European customers and I will try to keep you all informed on this subject as things develop.

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