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Well what happened to my week off I wonder, in the end it wasn’t much of a week off after all. On Monday I had a large re-stock order arrive and then more stock turned up during the week so I ended up sorting and bagging stock for the best part of the week. Only about half way through that lot too, oh well maybe next time.

So anyway ordering has been enabled once more thank you all for your patience.

Regards John

Weeks Break

Starting today 13/09/20 I will be taking a weeks break, well after a fashion anyway. I will still be dealing with other aspects of the business but will not be taking or processing new orders. Ordering on the site has therefore been disabled, I will still process any orders already received however. This will be the first such break I have had since starting up vanguard five years ago.


On other news we are in the process of refreshing the website with a more modern layout which will hopefully be easier to use and navigate. More news on this as it develops.


As you are all probably aware many items are now either very low or completely out of stock. I do have several large re-stock orders in with my various casters and have a large batch 48 kilos worth of items arriving Monday with more to follow. With almost six hundred products in the inventory now keeping everything in stock is quite a challenge especially when I am totally reliant on out sourced manufacture, but rest assured I am doing my best to get products back in stock as soon as possible.

Plastic Bases

Good news, yesterday I received my re-stock of all three plastic bases, 28000 of them in fact, I have 50 sets of both the strip bases and flying bases in store now with the round bases to follow as soon as I have time to bag them.


A day later than anticipated but ordering is enabled again, many thanks for your patience.

Regards John


Due to a backlog of orders building up I have chosen to disable ordering on the site again for a day or two. I do so loathe to do this but needs must, I will enable ordering again either tomorrow or Wednesday and I will have the new Novan Elites special weapons set available at that time.


Currently the stock of all three plastic bases we do are either extremely low in stock or sold out, re-stock orders of all three have been submitted and we should start seeing these arrive over the next 3 to 4 weeks or so.