I have been considering how to best fund new models and have decided to try a customer funding option. This will be similar to a kickstarter in that contributors will purchase new designs before they go into production.

How will it work: What I will be doing is presenting proposed new model listings for customers to vote on. The most popular choices will then be designed for the pre-order system and put on site for funding. Once the funding goal is achieved the model will be put into production.

Timescale: Nothing concrete yet I need to decide on how long to run each model for or do I just leave funding open ended, printing and production we are probably talking two months from the funded date to seeing castings ready to ship.

Risks: The only real risk is a shortfall on funding during the alloted period of time this could be addressed by either myself making up the shortfall or from funds already in the pot from other funder models, so no real risk at all really. At worst customer pre-order contributions can be re-funded via paypal should a model not end up being produced.

Basically this is a permanant kickstarter campaign in order to generate sufficient funds to get new designs created at a much faster rate than would normally be the case. Contributors will get new releases first and most likely cheaper than when the models go on general release.

My main concern is getting the pricing right which will have to be based on existing similar models in my range, this will be a guestimate at best.

So first models up will be the trucks and possibly the starships and space stations as these are already designed. I will be posting those listings soon for you to vote for on TacComs links to follow.

Link to my various TacComs threads where you can see and if a member vote on the new models to be produced.

Yours thoughts and or suggestions please.

Regards John

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