Well it’s nearly the end of my first full year trading hear at vanguard and i’ve been really busy I can tell you your custom and support has been much appreciated. I have released 30 new products this year which for a small company just starting out is fantastic and shows the kind of support and encouragment i’m receiving from the community as a whole. I must thank Ben, Stefan and Ben, my three designers for all their hard work in creating these new models for me cheers guys. Many thanks too to all my customers for making this a very successful year for me you guys/gals are what make it all worthwhile.

We have plenty of new releases scheduled for the new year and several existing items will be re-worked/updated too, also i’ve a few secret projects rolling which will be revealed as they near readyness for release. There are several new produce ranges i’m looking to import as time and finances allow and onslaught minis shipments continue to roll in.

So all that remains is for me to wish all my customers a very happy christmas holiday and a prosperous new year.

Regards John

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