Quick update, a new batch of BGH resin ships have just been added to the store i’m still a bit limited on the cruisers but there are more still to come. 15mm defeat in detail now fully back in stock also, and another top up batch of resin building kits is due to ship anyday now from wasteland games studio.

I hope to order the newest onslaught releases soon but realistically they would not be expected to arrive until december now as it takes several months from order to receipt so you’ll need to be patient or order direct if you need them earlier.

Also I hope to release this month a brand new defeat in detail range in 3mm scale yes 3mm, this range came about from a personal project of mine for playing truly epic battles between the rival houses of the Novan hegemony.

Oh and vanguard miniatures is two years old this month so many thanks to all my loyal customers old and new for your support over these last 24 months you have made vanguard miniatures a great success and I can’t thank you all enough.

Regards John

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