Apologies for the lack of news posts lately.

So what is happening here an Vanguard lets see.

6-8mm You may have noticed that I have change the 6mm sections heading for both vanguard and troublmaker to 6-8mm, this is because on the whole both our respective companies 6mm products tend to be bigger than others and our human infantry are usually more like 7mm tall on average rather than 6mm. So it seemed best to reflect this on the website.

6-8mm new products, I have just released Troublemaker Games (TMG) new Feral Skinners sets with a few more to come a bit later. Also from TMG’s for imminent release will be the Novan Nuclear Wastes infantry sets.

6-8mm vanguard, recent releases have been the Skinners flamethrower tanks and “Phantom” ace fighter, and it should not be long now before we see the new Skinners leaders in heavy armour set. There are a few other Skinners products under development as well.

I also have several Novan Regulars infantry sets in the pipeline as well as more vehicles and new walkers.

Future plans, both the Novan Elites and Eloi will be seeing many new models in the coming year, infantry, tanks, planes and walkers are all at various stages of development for both these factions. I also hope to see a steady trickle of new Tainted products too next year.

There will also be further expansion for the 3mm range with new products for the Elites and Regulars and also a Wave 1 for the Skinners.

Terrain, both the 3mm and 6-8mm ranges will see new resin terrain products in the near future, I have an ongoing program of terrain items that will see many new releases over the coming months.

Starships, releases of new ships are slow and I must apologies for that but rest assured more vessels are being developed and we will start to see the new Zeus series of resin ships coming online early next year.

Wasteland Games studio, I have been unable to acquire a restock of their resin kits so once items are sold out that will be it for this range. Also Battlescene Designs terrain items are no longer available so those products once sold out will be gone for good as far as I know.

Troublemaker Games 15mm, I will be getting a restock of this product range in at some point and there are a few new products coming, but the Skinners leaders in heavy armour set has been discontinued and will be replaced a bit later and the Elites in heavy armour require remoulding so it may be a little while before we see those in again.

As you can see we have plenty of things going on here at Vanguard minis it just all takes time to design, fund and manufacture.

Kind regards John

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