Been a while since I posted here so what’s happening well lets see. Re-stock of Onslaught minis ordered including the new releases in both 6 and 15mm scale ETA i’m not able to say at present. Ordered a top up of Wasteland game studios resin buildings. Also coming are top up orders for Troublemakers 15mm range and we should see new additions in the next month or so too for this range.

The new 6mm winter troops have had casting issues that should be rectified very soon I hope to have them back in stock by end of month. We have a few new 6mm tanks and infantry sets imminent keep an eye on my facebook page for the lastest on those and finally the first new starship design the elites Panthera class heavy frigate has been released today. Next in line will be an elites destroyer to go alongside this ship. The ordinance models have been delayed due to other priorities but will be out sometime this year.

Cheers and many thanks for your continued support.