Another update for you all on what exactly is happening here at Vanguard.

6mm Skinners infantry set B will be remoulded late this week early next with new masters and so will be back in store by the end of September.

Plenty of new 6mm products are lined up including Skinners tank variants, new Skinners leaders in heavy armour, updated gobblers and a new fighter.

Also for 6mm are new Desert troops sets, a new IFV and heavy assault transport for the regulars, and possible a few new tanks too. Next 6mm release should be the Cybershadow combat automaton set 1 and there are still yet more Cybershadow units to come.

3mm hope to see the Elites gunships in production very soon now and Skinners sets should appear in a few months time. We will also be getting the 3mm terrain models back in stock at some point.

Starships, the Dreadnought and Firedrake are on order and should also be in soon. I have three more metal ship releases for the Elites, all these should be out before the end of the year. There are also a few secret project pieces to come for this range too, more on that as I near production.

Terrain, I have around half a dozen new resin cast terrain items coming for 6mm, most if not all should see a September release. We are also looking at adapting a lot of Troublemaker Games last kickstarter campaign stl designs into actual physical models for retail so potentially a lot of new terrain pieces to come in the future. Some of these may see a 3mm release as well.

As can been seen we have plenty going on in the background and plenty of new releases to come before years end.

Regards John

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