Onslaught Miniatures News

First the good news my re-stock of onslaught minis is due any day now so I should have everything back in stock, there is another batch still to come which I hope to see this side of christmas.

Second a price increase, over this last year i’ve kept onslaught prices down despite the weakened pound and the reduced buying power this has entailed plus several other factors that have increased overheads. Currently my prices are cheaper than buying direct from the states.

For example: Infantry packs are £6.48 from the states and only £5.75 in my store and Vehicle packs are £10.68 from the states and £9.60 from me a difference of 0.73p and £1.08 respectively. I also have to factor in import duty and VAT on top of this so i’m afraid I need to bring the prices up to the recomended retail price in order to keep the books balanced.

I know everyone hates price rises and i’ve kept them low for as long as I could, once the new stock arrives i’ll be updating the site with the new prices.

So people sorry about this but it has to happen, in order to soften the blow i’ll keep the current prices until the end of the month wednesday november 30th you have until then to buy at current prices.

Regards John

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