I just thought I would let you all know the current situation here at Vanguard where ordering is concerned. For various reasons I have reached a point within the business where the workload has started to exceed my capacity to deal with it all alone, and I really could now do with some help. Unfortunately due to COVID 19 restrictions I cannot yet look to seek that help or hire anyone  in that capacity, therefore I have to find other ways to cope. To that end I will be disabling ordering on my website at random points and for random periods of time in order to give myself the necessary breathing room to attend to whatever else needs doing. From this point onward if you do not see “add to cart” buttons on the site then you know that ordering has been temporarily disabled.

This is obviously not the best approach and may cause some inconvenience for my customers and I apologise for that but it is a necessary step if I am to keep things moving along smoothly.

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