Pirates, outcasts, traitors, scum and villainy, all this and more can be found on the fringes of Novan space and beyond.

Novan Regulars - Tanks and Self-propelled Guns

Novan Regulars – Tank Dozer Blades

£2.50 13 in stock

Novan Regulars - Vehicles and Aircraft

Novan Regulars – Warrior II Dozer Blades Set

£2.92 out of stock

Legions Imperialis, Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis compatible

Renegade – Hecate II Interceptor

£5.63 3 in stock

Renegade Novan Elites

Renegade – Rampager Light Tanks

£8.75 out of stock
£7.50 out of stock
£0.83 out of stock
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