6mm Sci-Fi

  • Avians


    A Bird-like race who was able to colonize planets all over the galaxy using a complex series of planet-based portals. They are the only known race to occupy more than a single planet without the use of space craft. The Stygian emerged without warning from their portals after thousands of years of use and began a wholesale slaughter of any Avian they encountered. Before all of the Avian worlds were consumed, the Avian Chiefs decided to destroy the rest of their portals, which stranded the remaining Avians on their own worlds, each separated by vast cosmic distances.
  • Denizens & Mercenaries

    Denizens & Mercenaries

  • Grudd


  • Hellborn


    Mankind has just recently become aware of the ancient gods that reside at the center of their existance – inconceivable beings that gift those who worship them with other worldly power and an insight into the universe and creation that drives most mortals insane. While many races worship these elder gods, Humans seem to be especially susceptible to their influence, and their touch is begining to rapidly spread throughout the human worlds like a cancer.
  • Legion


    The Legion are a new threat among the stars, and they pose an incredible danger to anyone within their reach. Consisting of countless individual races, genetically integrated and engineered by the “Founders” into a deadly mass of flesh and metal, the horde that is the Legion travel the void, forcibly merging any race they encounter into their own.
  • Okami Technocracy Combine

    Okami Technocracy Combine

    Leaving the chaos of the Terran factions behind, the Okami have traveled to the far reaches of the galaxy on enormous cosmic arks, that act as home-worlds for their people. Stressing personal improvement in all aspects in life, the Okami have developed what they consider to be the pinnacle of human evolution and society. Trading freely with many alien races in both resources and ideas, the Okami have mastered levels of technology far beyond anything their Terran brethren can imagine.
  • Sisterhood


    Oddly enough, the mighty Sisterhood began its existence as a charity and humanitarian aide organization – providing medical care, food, and supplies to the countless innocent victims of wars waged all across Terran space. Through countless donations and offerings from those who believe in their cause, the Sisterhood has grown mighty and influential – enforcing the Galactic Terran Accords of War on any warring Terran factions, and protecting innocent civilians against alien and human oppressors.
  • Stygian


    A race of incredibly vile and cruel shadow-like humanoids which originate in another dimension once used by the Avians for long-distance travel. They seem to absorb light, rather than reflect it, making them appear as black silhouettes of their true forms in our dimension – except for their eyes, which burn with a stark white light that appears to “smoke”. Some of their kind feature aspects of their foul god, the Viscera queen, such as insect-like pincers and deadly spines. The Stygian are free to terrorize our own dimension, thanks to the still-active portals located on the lost Avian home worlds.
  • Talos Syndicate

    Talos Syndicate

  • Terran Federation

    Terran Federation

  • Tzacol


    The Tzacol (Tah-Coal) are believed to the be the oldest race in the galaxy, occupying a vast number of worlds around the galactic core. While Tzacol ruins and artifacts can be found throughout known space, it is believed that this now reclusive reptilian race has opted for an existence of peace and inward development within their incredibly well defended region of space. Tzacol technology far exceeds that of any other known race, seeming almost “magical” in function and affect. Those who dare encroach upon the Tzacol domain are quickly eradicated by the awesome might of the Tzacol war-castes.
  • Xenomites