Troublemaker Games

Metal, resin and plastic miniatures and terrain items from my sister company Troublemaker Games can be found here in several scales, nominally attached to the Defeat in Detail gaming universe and background in most cases, but also containing a smattering of un-categorised models in various scales.

  • Defeat in Detail 28mm

    Defeat in Detail 28mm

    Another new range brought to you by Troublemaker Games in the form of 28mm scale models for skirmish style games.
  • Defeat in Detail 6-8mm

    Defeat in Detail 6-8mm

    A complimentary range of miniatures in the 6 to 8mm scale for Defeat in Detail. Please note that these miniatures are at the larger end of the "6mm" scale market .
  • TMG Archive Models

    TMG Archive Models

    In this section you will find odd models in various scales from Troublemaker Games back catalogue and also items that do not fit into any other category.
  • Troublemaker Games Terrain Sets

    Troublemaker Games Terrain Sets

    A series of modular plastic and resin terrain sets from Troublemaker Games.