We are again approaching the Christmas/New Year holiday period here in the UK and I thought I’d post up some news.


First up, I have disabled ordering on the website until later in the month, perhaps until the new year. All orders received thus far have been processed and all have shipped. Expect some delay in the usual arrival times due to ongoing industrial action by royal mail as well as the general busy postal period this time of year.


Troublemaker Games for whom I retail products have a new campaign coming the first quarter of the new year and it is quite likely that Vanguard mins will also be running a kickstarter early in the new year in order to fund some larger models. More news on both these campaigns as things progress.


I have many new miniatures planned for the coming year although the first few months of the year will most likely be a little lean for new releases. All factions within the 6mm Defeat in Detail product line will be getting reinforcements during 2023 and hopefully we can get more 3mm released next year too. I’m not sure what if any plans Troublemaker have for their 15mm range but I do hope to see further expansion in the scale.

Ships, I have around a dozen ship designs finished that I will be pushing towards resin casting as soon as masters can be produced, this includes the long awaited Zeus Grand Cruiser which was originally going to be a 3D printed item but which will now be resin cast like most new future ships.

I must apologies for the low volume release of the Helian battleship, time has been a major factor in the delay of printing a second batch but eventually I will have more available. Realistically now I would like to resin cast the BB but unfortunately the design is not viable for moulding and would require a major rework to be able to make it practical to cast.


More printed products are likely during the new year but for the most part I am moving away from 3D printing as a major aspect of the business. Printed products are less practical than cast products and are time consuming to manufacture in number. 3D printed products are not what I hoped they would be and I have mostly returned to traditional casting for the future.


Vanguard already retails some items under license and that will be expanding during 2023. I already have for example the first metal cast 6mm figures from Bits Blitz Design in store and there will be more BBD’s figures to follow and perhaps some larger models too. At this time I have products from two other designers in line for manufacture under license as well as a new line from yet another designer that vanguard will be retailing on their behalf.

So as you can see we have plenty to look forward to in the coming months, you can keep apprised on all this and more via vanguards Discord page.

I would just like to thank all the people involved in the manufacture of my miniatures and especially my commissioned volunteer designers for their continued willingness to work with vanguard and also their continued patience with my constant design tinkering guidance, appreciated guys thank you.

Of course without my loyal customers I would not be here so a many thank you one and all for your continued custom, encouragement an support again this year it is greatly appreciated.

Have a great holiday everyone and I’ll catch you in 2023.

Best Regards John

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