Seasons greetings, its that time of year again and I thought I’d make a final brief news post for the year.


First up please note that I have now disabled ordering on the site for the holiday break, this will free up time for me to prepare for the holiday as well as clear any backlog business wise. I will of course let you all know when you can order again.


What can you expect to see coming early in the new year lets see, in 6mm we have more metal vehicles and new infantry sets for various factions at various stages of manufacture. Also for 6mm we will see more resin vehicles and aircraft with 3D printed models also seeing further expansion. From Troublemaker Games we will see the new plastic terrain sets from their last successful Kickstarter campaign arriving, and perhaps some expansion on their 15mm range at some point too.

3mm, there are more new sets coming for the 3mm range but nothing is imminent.

Battle Group Helios, the Helian Battleship, design work is complete and we will be releasing this long awaited ship in the new year in one form or another. Likewise the Zeus pattern grand cruiser and a few other capital class vessels will be ready to join your fleets as the year progresses. Plenty more ships to come next year.

I would be remis if I did not mention and thank my incredibly talented design team, all commissioned volunteers and mostly working in their own spare time to bring you the customer such wonderful miniatures. And not to forget of course the mould makers and casting services that manufacture the physical models, without these numerous people and companies operating in the background vanguard would not exist so please join me in raising a glass to them also.

All that remains for me to do is thank all my customers both old and new for making 2021 another very successful year for Vanguard Miniatures, your custom, support and enthusiasm is well received thank you.

Happy holidays everyone see you on the other side, regards John

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