10mm Hellborn Flesh Reavers


10mm Hellborn flesh reavers x 6 strips

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With each sacrifice offered to their dark masters, the Hellborn Cult weakens the barrier between our dimension and the hellish realm of the Eldar Gods. With enough innocent blood, the spawn of this realm can enter our existence, and with them the unimaginable horrors which await any who join the ranks of the damned. Hellborn Flesh Reavers are terror made flesh – in our dimension, they manifest as crimson skinned monstrosities, skull-faced, and cloven hooved, sparks and flame erupt from their every step. Armed with jet black hellish blades from their diabolical realm, the Flesh Reavers reap the souls of the innocent with horrific efficiency.

A Hellborn Flesh Reaver unit consists of 6 random Hellborn Flesh Reaver ranks.


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