10mm Stygian Elf Spearmen


10mm Stygian elf spearmen x 6 strips

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The Stygian Elves hail from the Bleak and unforgiving Ash Isles – rocky Islands perpetually covered in black ash from a range of violently active volcanoes on the mainland to their east.  This ash blots out the sun, and covers their kingdom in constant darkness.

The Bulk of Stygian Elf armies are made up of rank upon rank of dark-hearted spearmen, clad in jet black armor and blood red cloaks – these formidable warriors find sadistic joy in bringing death and pain to their foes.

A Stygian Elf Spearmen unit consists of 1 Stygian Elf Spearmen Command Rank, and 5 random Stygian Elf Spearmen ranks.


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