3mm Cybershadow Jaeger War Stalker Interaction (W4)


3mm Jaeger war stalkers interaction (W4) set x 1

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Cybershadow forces use War Stalkers as a core part of their combat forces.

The Jaeger medium class war stalkers operate in hunting teams of two or more machines their primary function the destruction of enemy war engines. Jaegers sport heavy armour and shields to their front and are much faster and more manoeuvrable than the more common Dreadnought design but have sacrificed rear protection and firepower to achieve this agility.

Cybershadows Jaeger War Stalkers are 40mm tall.

Each set comes with the following components:

2 x War Stalker Bodies

2 x Head sprues

2 x Armour sprues

2 x Power claw arms

2 x Powered Chain Blade Arms

2 x Snub HMG pods

2 x Cannon arms

Models painted by Adrian Taylor


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