3mm Novan Regulars Winter Support Troops Set (S2)


3mm Novan regulars winter support troops set (S1) x 1

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This set consists of two Cavalry squadrons, and two Assault Grenadier platoons with the option to mechanise them in Samson utility vehicles, also included is one Breaching drill to act as a game marker for siege games.

Set contents:

24 x cavalry strips
2 x command cavalry strips
2 x political officers on horse back.

8 x grenadier strips
2 x grenadier command strips
4 x grenadier flamethrower teams
2 x political officers on foot
12 x samson utility/transport vehicles
1 x breaching drill

Basing guide for Dominion:

Cavalry, 60mm x 40mm
Grenadiers, 40mm x 40mm
Samsons, 60mm x 40mm
Breaching drill, optional


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