Athena Defender Squad

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Sisterhood Athena Defender ?Armor troopers x 25

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Sisterhood Athena Squads are comprised of those Sisterhood troopers trained the in the use of the “Athena” heavy exo-suit armor, A powered armor rig which grants its wearer an unrivaled amount of protection on the battlefield.
The Athena Defender Squads are equipped with heavy kinetic suppression shields in addition to their Athena rigs, rendering them all but invulnerable on the battlefield. Using their energy spears to keep their foes at bay, once these units are deployed to defend an objective, they are nearly impossible to route.
A Sisterhood Athena Defender Squad contains a random assortment of 25 7mm Athena Defender Armor models, 5 poses

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  1. M. van Leeuwen (verified owner)

    Great casts, great sculpts. Love ’em!

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