Cybershadow Combat Automaton CA100-B & C


Cybershadow Combat Automaton CA100-B & C x 4

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CA100-B & C, Combat Automaton series 100 – B & C variant.

A very old but still quite potent battle robot design of the first generation of mechanical warriors created by the Cybershadows, the CA100-B is a close assault battle unit equipped with under slung HMG’s and chain fists on its arms and a microwave projector on it shoulder mount. The CA100-C retains the usual arm armament of the A variant but replaces the shoulder cannon for a energy lance. Deployed en mass these machines are a potent and relentless threat only stopping once their objectives have been achieved or they are all destroyed during the execution of their programmed mission.

Set contains:

2 x CA100-B robots in two poses.

2 x CA100-C robots in two poses.

Model height approx. 18mm including shoulder cannon.


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