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Cybershadow master of interactions command set x 27

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Master of Interactions is a common term used to describe Cybershadow battlefield commanders, the actual ranking designations and how they interact within Cybershadow military circles are unknown outside the Cybershadow Technocracy but the term seems to refer to many and varied levels of commanders when seen from outside observation.

The highest ranking MoI’s are often seen interfaced with an advanced cybernetic combat rig that enhances their overall command and combat abilities by a very high degree. It is known the combat rig incorporates both short and long range communications networks allowing for a high degree of command and control and also provides the user and those in close proximity to them with energy shield protection from enemy fire. Heavy weaponry is often incorporated into the rig making them a very dangerous adversary even at long range. Needless to say these individuals should not be underestimated and should be considered priority targets for head hunter cadres.

Set contains the following:

2 x Battle commanders (MoI)
1 x Command node (sub commanders) sprue
1 x Labour drone sprue
2 x Combat drone (HMG) sprues

27 figures in total.


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