Cybershadow Skitter Main Battle Tank

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Cybershadow skitter tanks x 2

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The Cybershadow designation for this tank is unknown and we offer here the term most commonly used by our troops, that of “skitter” due to the way the tank seems to skitter across the battlefield. Skitters are a common sight seen most often in support of Cybershadow infantry formations as well as in the main battle tank role. Many weapons systems have been observed fitted to these tanks and they often function in mixed groupings with more specialised weapons mixed in amongst the common types. Despite there ungainly appearance these machines can turn a surprising amount of speed gliding across rough terrain in no time and seem to be protected by more than just armour. These machines are more than a match for our Centurion tanks as should not be underestimated.

Often encountered on garrison duties protecting Cybershadow military and industrial facilities they have become a familiar sight to our front line troops.

Set contains two Cybershadow main battle tanks consisting of the follow components:

2 x upper hulls
2 x lower hulls
12 x legs (3 variants)
4 x hatches 2 closed, 2 open
2 x weapons sprues

1 review for Cybershadow Skitter Main Battle Tank

  1. M. van Leeuwen (verified owner)

    Great translation of a certain other skittering tank to the 6mm scale. Love it!

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