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Cybershadows forces use Dreadnought Stalker ultra-heavy mechs in order to bring incredible concentrations of firepower to bear upon the enemy.

An individual Leviathan Stalker is capable of matching whole companies of Novan or Skinnerz troops with ease, and when deployed en-masse, they can be almost impossible to stop.

Cybershadows Dreadnought Stalkers are approximately 7cm tall to the top of the back (taller if including the height of the upper chassis gun), depending on the pose chosen, and each Stalker comes with the following components:

1 x full Dreadnought Stalker
4 x optional Dreadnought Stalker heads
1 x Heavy Rotary Cannon Arm Weapon
1 x Macro Laser Arm Weapon
1 x Twin Rotary Cannon Chassis Weapon
1 x Twin Flame Thrower Chassis Weapon
1 x Stalker Pilot 6mm scale human model

Note that Dreadnought Stalkers use compatible mounting points with the Stalker Weapons Sets.


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