Cybershadows Jackal Warstalker


Jackal stalker x 1

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Cybershadows Jackals are found ranging far ahead of heavy mech battle squadrons these “light” mechs are the eyes and ears of the heavier battle units. They are extremely agile for there size and can cover ground at phenomenal speed when necessary. Lightly armed in comparison to the dreadnought or leviathan it none the less has very potent weapons that can easily decimate regular enemy formations.

Operating as lone scouts or in teams of two as long range recon/raider units these machines are not to be underestimated and are considered high priority targets by novan high command.

The other main function of these stalkers is as escorts and flank shields for the cybershadow’s main battle formations for which duty they are aptly suited.

This model comes with the following components:

1 x hull

2 x leg sprues

1 x pistons sprue

1 x heads sprue

1 x weapons set

Approximate height, 60mm



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