Cybershadows Leviathan Stalker


Leviathan Stalker x 1

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Cybershadows forces use Leviathan Stalker ultra-heavy mechs as the heaviest combat forces regularly deployed.

Each Leviathan Stalker can wield equivalent martial capability to a full battalion of human or Skinnerz infantry. As singular machines of war they stride with ponderous deliberation through battle zones, wiping out all that cross their path with overbearing force.

Cybershadows Leviathan Stalkers are between 9cm and 10.5cm tall depending on the pose chosen, and each Stalker comes as standard with the following components:

1x full Leviathan Stalker

3x optional Leviathan Stalker heads

1x Heavy Rotary Cannon Arm Weapon

1x Macro Laser Arm Weapon

1x Twin Rotary Cannon Shoulder Weapon

1x Twin Burner Shoulder Weapon


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