Eloi Federation – Zephyr Grav-tank


Eloi Federation Zephyr Grav-tank

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Zephyr recon tank

The Zephyr is an extensively modified version of the Tempest grav-tank created to fulfil a reconnaissance role for Eloi armoured battlegroups. Modifications for this vehicle include further silencing of the already quiet main drive engines and the fitting of a chameleon like cloaking field array to the forward hull sections that when active mimics the appearance and colouring of the surrounding terrain rendering the vehicle extremely hard to see. The rear compartment has been extended backwards allowing room for a small scout team to be embarked as required.

Armaments are usually of the lighter kind than seen on the Tempest as the Zephyrs roll is information gathering and observation of enemy activity ahead of the Eloi advance not combat. But on occasion it has been recorder that Zephyr stealth attack squadrons fitted with heavier firepower have been used to great effect in aggressive hit and run attacks on isolated enemy formations and lightly defended positions.

Set contains:

3 x Zephyr grav-tank hulls

3 x Zephyr turrets

Model approximate dimensions: L 46mm, W 31mm, H 8.5mm not including turret

Models painted by Stig Kelly


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