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As the morlockian Skinnerz represent the failure of Novan genetic engineering to create a useful servant class, so too do the gracile Eloi reveal themselves as another such rejected experiment, this time intended at creating a leadership cadre for Novan settlement planets.

Faster, more intelligent, and with a longer lifespan than the average human, the Eloi are everything their creators intended them to be, everything except loyal.

The Eloi ultimately revealed themselves to be uninterested in the affairs of governing the Novan settlements, and gradually they slipped away from mainstream Novan worlds to form colonies of their own, until few Eloi remained upon planets or territories under direct control of the Novan hegemony.

Eventually, the remaining Eloi within the kingdom interbred with other humans, losing most of their genetic distinctiveness as a distinct social group, but on their own colony worlds, the young Eloi democracies have begun to flourish, and occasionally come into conflict with other factions, including Novan armies.

According to their temperament, and general high level of intelligence, Eloi armies are able to issue their forces with a higher level of technology than most Novan or Skinnerz forces are capable of sustaining in the field. Thus even their most basic of tanks or vehicles can be expected to display a high degree of mechanical sophistication.

This Eloi Flittertank set contains Radium anti-tank cannon turrets and Francium anti-aircraft turrets.

Length 4cm, width 2.4cm.

3 x Flitter Tanks


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